Cabinets + Exit Lighting

All Safe carries emergency/exit lighting, first aid cabinets, and first aid products to provide the foremost in workplace safety and code compliance.

In the case of a power outage at your facility, it’s your responsibility to provide lighting and exit signs so your employees and customers may safely exit your building. If your lights are not able to provide 90 minutes of illumination, your customer’s and employee’s safety is in jeopardy.

We carry emergency/exit lighting to suit virtually any need and provide the on-site service to keep your lighting ready. The Life Safety Code, state codes, and local codes require monthly and annual emergency light service. All Safe technicians have the skill and expertise to maintain the performance of your lighting system and keep your business in full compliance.

In addition to adequate and functional emergency lighting, employees must be provided with a safe and healthy workplace that is reasonably free of occupational hazards. Accidents do happen, however, and employers are required to provide personnel with medical and first aid supplies commensurable with the hazards of the workplace.

We stock a complete line of medical cabinets and supplies, so your employees can provide ready and appropriate aid in the event of an emergency. All cabinets can be delivered and installed by our qualified technicians.

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