Total Safety From The Name You Trust

We sell and service life safety equipment to keep you and your employees safe, and deliver a peace of mind that your business is in compliance.


Fire Extinguishers

  • Sales: The full line of industry-leading Badger fire extinguishers for every fire type
  • Service: Mobile inspection, recharge, and certification services, drop-off hydrostatic testing and recharging, sprinkler systems, kitchen and industrial systems, and extinguisher recycling
  • Cabinets and Accessories: Extinguisher storage cabinets, brackets, vehicle mounts, and other essential safety equipment
  • Extinguisher Training: On-site classes, including live fire training, to assure your employees know how to respond in an emergency
All Safe Global fire extinguishers
All Safe Global emergency lights first aid cabinets

Medical Cabinets and Exit Lights

  • Medical/First Aid Cabinets: OSHA/ANSI -compliant cabinets for on-the-job safety and accident response
  • Exit/Emergency Lights: Chamber design protects threads and valve stem from accidental damage
  • Service: On-site service of exit and emergency lights to maintain safety and code compliance

SCBA Cylinders and Valves

  • SCBA Cylinders: Reliable standard and composite cylinders for critical breathing operations
  • SCBA Valves: Dependable air delivery in the most demanding circumstances
All Safe Global scba cylinders valves