LP/Propane + CNG Cylinders

All Safe Global is a wholesale volume distributor for an extensive variety of new and reconditioned steel and aluminum LP/propane/CNG cylinders in all sizes. For camping supply, heating, industrial use, cooking applications, forklifts, and anywhere a high-quality cylinder is needed, ASG has the tank.

New LP/propane/CNG cylinders are USA-made, shot-blasted, powder-coated, and precision-tested for maximum durability and long performance life. Reconditioned LP/propane/CNG cylinders are extensively refurbished, including hydro testing, new OPD valves, and new rust-resistant paint.

All Safe Global specializes in pallet quantities, large volume purchases, and quantity discounts of steel and aluminum propane / LP cylinders. We welcome inquiries from wholesale purchasers; unfortunately, we cannot sell single-item quantities or retail items to individual purchasers.