Nitro / Stout Faucet

  • Faucet for Stout Beer and Nitro Coffee
  • High Polish
  • Internal Restrictor Plate/Jet Disk
  • Accepts All Standard Handles

Nitrogen (Stout Beer/Nitro Coffee)

Gas Type

Beer Mix, G-Mix, Nitrogen


Wholesale premium nitro / stout faucet for smooth nitrogen infusion and exceptional delivery of stout beer, nitrogen-infused coffee.

This quality faucet is the only choice for nitrogen-infused beverages, with specific features that excel where standard faucets are short. Features like high external polish, an internal perforated disk for even gas distribution just prior to delivery, a full stainless body that’s inert and will never flavor the beverage, easy disassembly for cleaning, and an extra-sturdy tap handle connection that holds all standard-threaded faucet handles.

Nitro coffee and stout beer are strong market drivers, so stock up with our wholesale volume purchasing and quantity discounts and have nitro / stout faucets on hand for every customer. Contact us for more details.