Kegerator Kit – 3 Gallon Keg, 22 cu ft Nitrogen, Standard Faucet

  • Kegerator Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Front
  • Three Gallon Ball Lock Keg
  • 22 cu ft Aluminum Nitrogen Cylinder
  • Dual-Gauge Nitrogen Regulator
  • Stainless Steel Tower
  • Standard Faucet
  • Lines and Disconnects
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This kegerator kit is simple, and simply perfect for serving cold brew coffee using nitrogen or ales/lagers with beer mix/G-mix. It includes every high-quality component necessary to get pouring quickly and professionally.

The refrigerator is an ultra-low-temp unit with a host of great features: locking casters, internal shelf, reversible door, integrated tower mounts, rear bottle bracket, guardrail, and drip tray. It easily holds the included 3-gallon keg and will hold up to two ball lock kegs in 2.5-, 3-, and 5-gallon sizes at once for extra chilling and serving capability.

Gas is delivered by a premium 22 cu ft aluminum cylinder with CGA580 valve, paired with a high-performance dual-gauge nitrogen regulator, ball lock gas disconnect, and 8′ of included gas line with clamps.

The stainless steel single-tap tower has an integral liquid line and mounts easily to the refrigerator with the included hardware. A standard tap with handle is also part of the package, as is a liquid ball lock disconnect.

All together, this kit is complete and ready for anyone to get started pouring their own fine beverage with comfort, convenience, and reliability.

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