Kegerator Kit – Standard + Stout Faucets

  • Kegerator Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Front
  • Triple-Gauge Dual-Outlet Nitrogen Regulator
  • Dual Tap Stainless Steel Tower
  • Stout / Nitro Coffee Faucet
  • Standard Faucet
  • All Lines and Disconnects
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Gas Type

Beer Mix, G-Mix, Nitrogen

Keg Connection

Ball Lock


Nitrogen (Stout Beer/Nitro Coffee), Standard


This kegerator kit is an outstanding platform for building a custom nitrogen- or beer mix/G-mix-based kegerator system. We include the quality core components – including a dual tower with two faucets, stout and normal, for ultimate beverage flexibility – and you choose the kegs and cylinder.

The center of the kit is a top-quality kegerator refrigerator that can hold two standard Cornelius-style ball lock kegs at once. That’s versatile enough to handle any beverage need and service capacity at once. The UL-listed refrigerator is loaded with great features, like a stainless steel front, locking casters, reversible door, top rail, integrated tower mounts, internal shelf, and drip tray, for superior function and ease of use.

Beverage delivery is through a polished dual-outlet 3″ stainless steel tower with pre-attached internal liquid lines and two faucets with handles – one standard, one premium stout with internal jet disk – and twin ball lock liquid disconnects to complete the system.

On the gas side, the high-performance triple-gauge, dual-outlet nitrogen regulator with separately adjustable pressures, premium gas line, and ball lock disconnects are ready to deliver nitrogen or beer mix/G-mix to both kegs.

Everything you need to keep the beverages of all types cool and flowing, in one customizable and versatile kit.

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