AMCYL Dual Handle 2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg

  • 304 Stainless Steel Body
  • Dual Rubber Handle
  • Rubber Boot Bottom
  • Manual Pressure Relief Built Into Lid
  • Made in an ISO 9001 Facility
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Ball Lock



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Dual Rubber






The compact AMCYL dual handle 2.5 gallon ball lock keg delivers the features of larger kegs and AMCYL quality in a portable and versatile package.

These 2.5 gallon kegs are crafted to high-quality standards in an ISO 9001-certified facility, using 304 beverage-grade stainless robotically welded for leak-proof seals. The lids feature manual and automatic pressure reliefs for easy decompression and user safety. And with dual rubber handles at the top and a rubber boot bottom, they’re easy to stack, quiet, and protected.

Kegs NSF-approved and fully Cornelius-compatible – an easy and seamless addition to any inventory or fleet.

All Safe is proud to offer complete keg customization services on every new wholesale keg. We can silk screen, wrap, stencil, or label any of our new kegs with your text or branding for unforgettable marketing power.

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