Reconditioned Dual Handle 5 Gallon Pin Lock Keg

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Pin Lock Connections
  • Sanitized, De-Labeled, and Pressure-Tested
  • Dual Rubber Handles
  • Rubber Boot Bottom
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Keg Connection

Pin Lock


Keg Handles

Dual Rubber





Compact, secure, and affordable, our reconditioned dual handle 5 gallon pin lock kegs are a value and performance leader.

The classic pin lock format has several advantages for the home brewer: shorter overall height, secure and distinct gas and liquid disconnects, and a lower overall price point. We carefully recondition each keg to assure they’re clean, solid, and ready to deliver beer, soda, kombucha, cider, wine, cold brew coffee, and other beverages.

Kegs are made from stainless steel and feature dual rubber handles and rubber boot bottoms. All reconditioned 5 gallon pin lock kegs are cleaned, sanitized, de-labeled, and pressure-tested in our own facility, with O-rings replaced as necessary.

Please note that there are fluctuations in the supply of reconditioned dual handle 5 gallon pin lock kegs. Please contact your sales representative for availability and details.

Also note that we recondition these kegs for cleanliness and proper performance. As they were previously used in beverage applications, the exteriors have some scratches and/or dents, and wear from use.

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