Parts Conversion Kit – Sankey to Ball Lock Connections

All parts to convert a single-style kegerator system to both Sankey and ball lock use, with simple, fast keg changes.

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Custom-designed conversion kit with all connections to build a kegerator system that swaps quickly and easily between Sankey and ball lock kegs.

Kit contains all parts necessary to change existing kegerator gas and liquid lines to barb swivel disconnects, and matching threaded Sankey beer nut and threaded ball lock connections. Customers are no longer limited to one keg type, and switching between keg types no longer requires full line and connector changes; with the conversion, changing keg style is as simple as unscrewing one set of connections and threading on another.

Kit contains:

Kegerator connections

  • 1/4″ barb swivel with 1/4″ nut for liquid line
  • 5/16″ barb swivel with 1/4″ nut for gas line
  • Two nylon washers
  • Two hose clamps

Sankey connections

  • Two beer stems, 1/4″ MFL
  • Two Sankey beer nuts, 1″ hex
  • Two Sankey washers, 1/2″ ID x 13/16″ OD x 1/8″

Ball lock connections

  • Threaded ball lock disconnect – liquid
  • Threaded ball lock disconnect – gas