Reconditioned 7 lb CO2 Cylinder Steel

  • Carbon Dioxide Compressed Gas Cylinder with CGA320 Standard CO2 Valve
  • Reconditioned – Refinished and Hydro-Tested
  • DOT-Approved
  • 1800 PSI Service Pressure, 3000 PSI Test Pressure
  • Approx. 29″ Height (with valve), 4″ Diameter (actual may vary)
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Reconditioned 7 lb steel CO2 cylinder with CGA320 valve installed. This versatile carbon dioxide cylinder’s unique shape is a great fit for non-typical uses, bringing good capacity to tall, slim spaces as well as offering great value.

All reconditioned cylinders from All Safe Global are restored to a very high standard. Fully hydro testing and refinished exteriors deliver long-lasting performance and durability.

All Safe reconditions cylinders from multiple different manufacturers. The reconditioned 7 lb steel CO2 cylinder dimensions listed here are usual for the tank, but the actual product may vary in height by +/- several inches, and diameters may be different as well.

Applications include craft beer, homebrew, soda and other carbonated beverages, hydroponic and aquarium use, and more.

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