E Medical Oxygen Cylinder – Post Valve

  • Medical ‘ME’ Cylinder with CGA870 Valve for Oxygen
  • 24.1 cu ft – 682.2 Liters
  • 2015 PSI Service Pressure – 3360 PSI Test Pressure
  • 25.3″ Height – 4.4″ Diameter
  • DOT- and TC- Approved


Standard Medical ‘E’ cylinder with CGA870 post valve for oxygen.

This cylinder is made with aluminum material and dipped in clear coat to better protect the cylinder body and keep your product looking new. The cylinder has a diameter of 4.4″ making it optimal for storage along with it being made with lightweight material to allow easy transportation when necessary. This cylinder has a CGA870 valve professionally installed and inspected before shipment to ensure it meets safety standards.

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