Reconditioned 23 Cu Ft Nitrogen Argon Helium Cylinder Steel

  • Reconditioned Inert Gas Cylinder
  • Refinished and Hydro Tested
  • DOT- and TC-Approved
  • 2015 PSI Service Pressure, 3360 PSI Test Pressure
  • Approx. 29″ Height (with valve), 4″ Diameter (actual may vary)
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Gas Type

Argon, Helium, Neon, Nitrogen



Service Pressure







A unique wholesale cylinder with a slim profile – our reconditioned 23 cu ft nitrogen/argon/helium cylinder. A great value inert gas cylinder with a durable steel body and installed CGA580 valve, it’s ready to go where other cylinders won’t fit. Perfect for beverage delivery, welding, HVAC, light industrial, and other uses.

These reconditioned cylinders are professionally refurbished in our own facility with new exterior rust-stop paint and hydro testing, for a new-performing nitrogen/argon/helium tank at an outstanding price.

Please note that we receive cylinder bodies from a variety of original manufacturers. The body sizes and dimensions may be different: the measurements here are typical for the cylinder, but there may be differences in height and diameter between cylinders.

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