CO2 Regulator – Dual Gauge – 5/16″ Barb Outlet – Shutoff

  • Dual-Gauge CO2 Primary Regulator
  • CGA320 Inlet
  • 1/4″ MFL Outlet with 5/16″ Barb Adapter
  • Integral Shutoff Valve
  • Built-In Safety
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This is the all-in-one solution for every CO2 primary regulator need – the high-performance Taprite dual-gauge CO2 regulator with 1/4″ MFL output and additional 5/16″ barb end.

In beverage delivery, industrial, hydroponic, aquarium, industrial and welding, and myriad other applications, no CO2 regulator performs better or lasts longer. Extensive quality features include solid brass body, 0-2000 PSI tank contents gauge (0-140 bar), 0-60 PSI line pressure gauge (0-4 bar, 0-400 kPa), large and easy-to-set polycarbonate adjustment bonnet, output shutoff valve, and extended CGA320 cylinder connection. Safety and clean output insured with built-in 10 micron filter, integral pressure safety, backflow check valve, and UL approval.

Approved for use by all major beverage distributors and breweries.

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