Single Faucet Tower – 3″ Stainless Steel Column – Stainless Steel Lever Faucet

Professional stainless steel, single-tap draft tower, with faucet and handle, pre-attached line, and mounting hardware.

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The standard in bartop and counter-top beverage service, our single-faucet stainless steel draft tower is attractive, sturdy, and built for a lifetime of use. Perfect for home brewed beer, cider, and soda; add a nitrogen/stout faucet for use with stout beer or nitro coffee.

The tower is industry-standard 3″ in diameter, with four mounting holes in the bottom flange, formed bottom gasket, and included mounting screws. Threaded faucet mount accepts most Perlick-style faucets; one stainless steel faucet and handle is included. Industry-standard NSF-approved beverage line with beer nut termination is pre-attached to the tap.

Tower interior is lined with closed-cell foam for beverage temperature maintenance even with extended times between pours. Top cover removes easily for interior cleaning and maintenance.

Dual-tap stainless steel draft towers are also available, with stainless steel- or brass-lever faucets.