Sankey Kegerator Kit for Ale and Lager Beers – 5 lb Aluminum CO2

  • Kegerator Refrigerator with Black Front
  • 5 lb New Aluminum CO2 Cylinder
  • Dual-Gauge CO2 Regulator
  • Stainless Steel Tower
  • Standard Faucet
  • Sankey “D” Coupler
  • All Lines
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Keg Connection

Sankey D




This Sankey kegerator kit is ideal for those customers who love their ales and lagers straight from the keg.

An EdgeStar ultra-low-temp kegerator refrigerator is the high-quality heart of this kit. It holds two slim quarter-barrels or sixth barrels, or a single half-barrel, and comes with locking casters, a reversible door, liquid and gas ports, tower mount inserts, interior shelf, and rear cylinder bracket.

A lightweight, brushed-exterior 5 lb aluminum CO2 cylinder with high-performance Taprite dual-gauge CO2 regulator, 8′ of gas line, and clamp provide a complete and controlled gas supply.

For pouring, the kit includes a handsome single-tap tower with integrated Sankey beer nut liquid line that pairs with the included standard beer faucet and handle. Both liquid and gas sides come together in a premium Sankey D lever disconnect, ready for all American/liquor-store-style keg connections.

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