Sankey Kegerator Kit for Ale and Lager Beers – No Cylinder

  • Kegerator Refrigerator with Black Front
  • Dual-Gauge CO2 Regulator
  • Stainless Steel Tower
  • Standard Faucet with Handle
  • Sankey “D” Coupler
  • All Lines and Disconnects
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Keg Connection

Sankey D




We built this CO2-based Sankey kegerator kit as a complete solution for the discriminating home enthusiast while leaving a flexible choice of CO2 cylinder. Kit includes all the components necessary to assemble a standout kegerator quickly and easily

The centerpiece is the UL-listed EdgeStar refrigerator, with 4.9 cubic feet of internal capacity. This outstanding kegerator refrigerator boasts multiple premium features, like locking casters, internal shelf, a reversible door, top rail, inserts for tower mounting, and rear bottle bracket.

Nitrogen, beer mix, and G-Mix delivery is handled by a high-performance Taprite dual-gauge CO2 regulator with standard CGA320 connection and 8′ of gas line, and on the liquid side the kit includes a premium stainless steel single-tap tower with standard faucet and handle plus a pre-attached liquid line with Sankey beer nut termination. And connecting both sides to American/liquor-store-style kegs is a quality Sankey D lever connector.

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