Universal Refrigerator Conversion Kit – Ball Lock and Sankey Connections – 5 lb CO2

Complete universal kegerator refrigerator conversion kit with Sankey and ball lock disconnects plus CO2 cylinder and regulator.

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Our most versatile kegerator refrigerator conversion kit, with 5 lb CO2 cylinder and regulator plus connections for both ball lock and Sankey-style kegs.

This universal kit provides everything needed, from faucet to keg, to convert a refrigerator into a multi-use kegerator. It eliminates the guesswork and parts assembly typical when building a custom kegerator refrigerator and delivers maximum flexibility for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts.

This unique custom configuration terminates gas and liquid lines in barb swivels with no permanent connection to the keg disconnects. Customers can swap and connect between the included threaded ball lock connections and the Sankey “D” connector in seconds, with no hose clamps to remove and install and no lines to cut.

Complete universal Sankey kegerator refrigerator conversion kit includes: